Post Scan Processor Manual

All UltraVision systems are built in on an Intel i7 processor running Windows 10. With each system shipped is a USB Memory Stick that contains a loadable copy of the UltraVision Application Interface (API).
Images, cine clips and videos are saved in the Patient data Base in both visual (user selectable BMP or PNG files) and an UltraVision proprietary format comprising of all the data to reconstruct the images from the collected studies (modes, field of view, scan conversion, and acoustic lines) which is sufficient data to reconstruct the image later and post process the images.
The user may load the UltraVision application into any suitable PC and load images attained by the UltraVision for further post processing, editing and review. Once installed the user may select updates from the log into the UltraVision on line server for updates identical to the updates loaded into the scanner. In this way if a new module is installed in the scanner the workstation may also operated with the new module.
Transferring images between the UltraVision imaging system and the workstation is easily performed by a USB Memory Stick. If the user chooses to transfer the data over the internet, UltraVision reserves the right to not enable this feature only if the user can assure UltraVision that suitable functions are in place to secure the data. The UltraVision can encrypt the patient demographic data or send the data annomized to conform with HIPPA requirements.

The post processing functions include: Patient Data base updates, measurements, body markers, trapezoid, B-Map, Gamma, Brightness, Contrast, speckle reduction, edge enhancement, cine functions and of course recording of the so processed data.

Please refer to the Post Scan Processing Manual for these features.