High-Frequency System

At the request of an existing customer, we have designed a high-frequency scanner.

The first requirement was that the digitization rate of the Analog to digital converters required to be raised. Here we selected Texas instruments 16 channel ADC that could function up to 125 MHz.

Then the Pulsers which drive the transducer elements which typically have a capacitive impedance of 180 pF and the coax which has 20 pF per foot are the major obstacles in attaining a high slew rate. Here again, we chose a 16 channel pulser from Texas Instruments that could drive 4 amps into each channel.

We wanted to conform to the small layout that our customer was used to so we ended up with a three-board set consisting of two mezzanine boards with 32 channels on each plugging into the board with the FPGA.

People interested in this high-frequency capability should contact us for more details.