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The UltraVision-XS is a unique solution in the ultrasound market. An ultrasound platform that is based on three important hardware components that give technical, stable longevity to the unit, the latest high-end Windows processor, Its graphical Processing Unit, and a very large Field Programmable Gate Array. As a result, focus and progress are now made in software, allowing for improvements in scanning and the introduction of new modes without requiring hardware upgrades.

UltraVision Research

UltraVision Research

The UltraVision-XR can be purchased as a research platform for clinical or ultrasound research. Many universities have the UltraVision-XR for research into photoacoustics. UltraVision itself is researching the detection of microcalcifications in breast cancer with the intent to deliver it to the market soon. We are always willing to discus wit you your projects and see if we can help implement them.

The UltraVision Corporation has a patent pending for an algorithm for the visualization of microcalcifications that are produced by a mechanism of some breast cancers. The algorithm has been well tested in phantoms with clusters of 100-200 micron diameter calcium hydroxyapatite spheres mixed with scatters and returns strong echoes only from the calcium hydroxyapatite.

UltraVision assembles modules and components to enable manufacturers to include ultrasound in their equipment. We can provide the bare boards and an Application Interface that the OEM can use to customize the equipment to their needs.

Using our platform and API, OEM companies can add ultrasound scanning to their device or procedure. Any computer with Thunderbolt 3 can communicate with the ultrasound platform, and can control it using UltraVision software or by integrating control into other applications or software using the UltraVision API