Ultrasound processing board

UltraVision Systems use a small selection of printed circuit boards depending on the task. which are all programmable from the Thunderbolt 4 or PCIe interfaces.  The pulsers and receivers and connected to elements in the transducer, (in what is called a channel) via multiplexers again controlled by programmable devices. The main ultrasound processing board has channels connected to one very large Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) allowing again all algorithms to be programmed.

The central controller for the UltraVision is an Intel i7 running Windows and this is either in the form of a very compact unit comprising an Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) using a PCIe interface as in the UltraVision XS or a User-supplied i7 personal computer using a Thunderbolt 4 interface or the Microsoft Surface Pro 8.

Code for the system is supplied by UltraVision either as an application or for the Developer as an Application Programming Interface.  The code utilizes the FPGA for massively parallel high-speed processing, the i7 Central Processing Unit for the User Interface, and the Graphical Processing Unit for image processing.

Multiple voltage power supply

There is a power supply board that converts the 9-19 volts into the UltraVision to multiple low noise voltages to operate the system.

There is also a desktop power supply that converts 90-264 volts input to 12 or 19 volts which is IEC60601-1 compliant and provides patient and operator safety.

Then a Thunderbolt 4 cable connects our electronics to a PC.