The UltraVision SX

Welcome to UltraVision.

We design, manufacture, and market ultrasound systems for clinical use and research projects, as well as for the incorporation of ultrasound into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products. Our products conform to the ISO 13485 manufacturing standards and have an FDA 510K to sell in the clinical marketplace.

UltraVision has perfected the hardware and algorithms to produce excellent ultrasound image quality in all the scanning modes. We can cost-effectively build a single design or manufacture hundreds of systems as required.

Our systems use a standard PC with a Thunderbolt interface. We have developed a comprehensive Graphical User Interface and an Applications Programmable interface to develop their own interfaces.

Our expertise spans photoacoustics, static elastography, and shear wave imaging. All the modes and methods of attaining excellent B-mode and Color Flow imaging.

An OEM or researcher may want us to design a product to evaluate a concept as in many governmental grants, or the OEM may want us to build production quantities indefinitely, or the OEM may want us to design the product, and have us make a single unit or a preproduction run and then transfer the technology to the OEM for a license fee or a one-time buyout cost.

In September 2021, Microsoft released a powerful Intel-based i7 Surface Tablet with an Intel I7 processor and a Thunderbolt interface running Windows 11 that has now withstood our testing and will allow us to release our own products to the end-user in late 2022. The scanner weighs only six pounds and can be sold over the internet.

We seek experts in each of the multiple specialties of ultrasound to participate with us to bring these Point of Care Ultrasound systems to the market.

We have not, and do not, supply competing commercial products to the same market. This is not difficult as more than 200,000 new ultrasound systems are purchased each year into multiple specialties with multiple modes.